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A Message From Unsound

A Message From Unsound

This is the week that we had prepared to unroll our theme for Unsound 2020. We’ve been working on it for a very long time, in terms of concept and design, and it was ready to go. We were preparing to also soon announce the first artists, as well as the tree planting event to take place in Kraków, in early April as a result of our ongoing Solidarity With the Earth campaign. 

We are putting these announcements on hold for the moment, because now is obviously not the time.

We all already knew that the music world we inhabit is a fragile, intricately connected thing. Almost every artist, festival, promoter, club, booking agency, and manager already existed precariously, Unsound included. Perhaps more than we realised, so much of what we all do and love is based around ease of travel and face-to-face gatherings, from experimental concerts to euphoric raves. COVID-19 has put a sudden stop to that.

It’s terrible to witness the cancellation of events, the temporary closing of venues, and the effect this is having on all involved in financial terms. 

If you can help someone in this time, do so. Buy the music of artists. If you have been refunded a ticket to an event that was forced to cancel, consider donating that amount to the organisers and/or artists involved. 

Of course, not everyone is in a financial position to do that, but everyone healthy is in a position to help others in need in other ways at this time, especially those who are elderly or unwell.

Our theme for Unsound 2019 was Solidarity - in 2020, the word is more important than ever.