Pedro Maia

Pedro Maia is a Portuguese visual artist that work mostly around the concept of Analogue Cinema and exploring the medium potentiality. Maia’s works has been presented in several film festivals and galleries. Since 2014 has been developing live cinema concept, which collaborated with several musicians and music festivals. He's a long time Unsound collaborator and has been presenting these live A/V collaborations in the last years: Vessel (2014), Craig Leon (2014), Demdike Stare/Andy Stott (2013), Shackleton (2012), Pole (2012) and Jacaszek (2013, 2011). This year he will return with the live A/V for Shackleton × Nisennenmondai, a special live A/V for Max Loderbauer & Jacek Sienkiewicz and a surprise show.

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