Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker is one of the best-known ambient music producers in the world, whose unique and influential sound is a blend of delicate noise, drone and sublime electroacoustic sounds. Not one to rest comfortably, with every release he pushes into new territory. Hecker was one of the artists who created sound for Unsound’s project sound and smell project Ephemera, providing the source of inspiration for Geza Schoen's "Drone" perfume. During afternoon sessions at Unsound 2015, Hecker will present the next development of this project, the "Ephemera Live" show with light design by Marcel "MFO" Weber and olfactory component by Schoen.

“Ephemera Live” premiered at Unsound Toronto this year, with critics hailing it as “truly, unequivocally original, a sensory performance on a whole new level” (Exclaim!). This project was curated by Mat Schulz and Malgorzata Plysa of Unsound.

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