Schedule / SUNDAY 16 OCTOBER



‘Lying supine on a grassy hilltop, watching clouds drift across a cerulean summer sky’ is how Pitchfork describes the work of Sofie Birch. Tonight, the acclaimed Danish ambient musician joins forces with charismatic Warsaw vocalist Antonina Nowacka, marking the launch of their album Languoria, released by the Unsound and Mondoj record labels. This commissioned show features costumes and set design by Ukrainian artist Planeta and lighting design by Jacqueline Sobiszewski.

Up next is the Polish debut of Space Afrika, the genre-melting Manchester duo. Boomkat described their 2021 album Honest Labour as ‘a Black British story that painstakingly weaves theory and raw open wounds with a passion for discovery and obsessive ear for sound’. Space Afrika’s immersive live show has travelled across Europe this year, infused with new material collected from events, collaborations and commissions; now there’s also a new visual twist added to the show. 

Tickets will be available at the door to this event if there is capacity.