It’s the Fourth Day of Unsound! Here’s What’s on!
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It’s the Fourth Day of Unsound! Here’s What’s on!

It’s the Fourth Day of Unsound! Here’s What’s on!

Hey hey hey, it’s the halfway mark of the Unsound marathon! Somewhat confusingly, this is also the day of the official Unsound opening concert – more on that in a moment! Regularly updated ticket information is available here, though for the very latest info, follow us on Telegram.

If you were at the Unsound Karaoke last night, we hope you’ve still managed to tumble out of bed bright and early, in time for the second Morning Glory session at Kopernika 15 – starting at 11am, it’s going to be a special one for sure. As boss of the Muscut label, Ukrainian producer Dmytro Nikolaienko tirelessly promotes experimental music from across Eastern Europe and beyond. Today he's wearing his sound artist's hat, forming crackling soundscapes from tape loops and busted reel-to-reel and cassette recorders that'll transport us into a phantasmagorical zone just for a few moments. This show is 100% free.

The discourse program is also free, starting at 12:00 at Pałac Krzysztofory. Piotr Kurek, Coby Sey and FOQL will talk to Pitchfork's Philip Sherburne about creating in a bubble, developing ideas and concepts in an isolated environment, and how to know when to work with others. Afterwards we materialise in the metaverse with self-styled ‘hot research chix’ Martix Navrot and Kat Zavada, who offer a visual essay on virtual goods and services and the idea of value in a completely manufactured online landscape. Researcher Wassim Z. Alsindi also keeps things grounded in Web3, talking about the history of financial speculation and an art world at the mercy of cryptocurrency, while Poly Chain, Dmytro Nikolaienko and Heinali bring us back down to earth to discuss how the Ukrainian music scene has been transformed by the Russian invasion. And Abbey Pusz finishes the day's discourse program off with an in-depth look at the Post-Internet art movement.

Also taking place at 1pm today is a music journalism workshop, hosted by RA's editor-in-chief Whitney Wei, exploring how to land a pitch and what it takes to write a feature – this requires registration via our website.

Unsound 2022's official opening event is tonight at Kraków’s majestic Philharmonic Hall, and features two very special collaborations. First off, Polish sound artist Wojciech Rusin will join forces with Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble and vocalist Jolanta Kowalska-Pawlikowska for an ambitious show involving 3D-printed reed instruments, striking visuals and Gnostic and alchemical medieval texts. Then Parisian musician Aho Ssan will meet Warsaw's Resina for the first time since they performed together for Nicolás Jaar’s Unsound-commissioned project Weavings, presenting a new stand-alone collaboration called Ego Death. Tickets will be available at the door according to capacity.

Underneath the legendary Hotel Forum, Unsound briefly ran a short-lived, quirky, Lynchian club called 89. Tonight it'll be reanimated for the festival's official opening party that features sets from local friends shjva, Chino and hermenia alongside Manchester's Tom Boogizm (better known to some as the mysterious Rat Heart), and hybrid jungle futurist LCY, who'll be going back to back with Hyperdub's Lee Gamble. We're ready! Tickets for this event are also sold out in advance, but keep your eyes glued to Unsound Telegram tonight for news of when / if tickets might be available at the door – again, if capacity allows it.