Lee Gamble presents Models with Candela Capitán & Jacqueline Sobiszewski
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Photo of Lee Gamble presents Models with Candela Capitán & Jacqueline Sobiszewski


Lee Gamble presents Models with Candela Capitán & Jacqueline Sobiszewski

British artist Lee Gamble will collaborate with Spanish choreographer/action artist Candela Capitán to bring his new album 'Models' to the stage. In a special Unsound commission, the duo will present a performance with two additional dancers and lighting design by Jacqueline Sobiszewski.

Dealing with mimicry and simulation, 'Models' works with a set of simulated voices singing in an almost wordless language, both AI-generated and synthetic - widescreen memories that reverberate across the last few decades of pop history.

These voices are naturally disembodied, trained by and on humans. The non-human voice without a body is magical; alone and somewhat incomplete, it's a display of supernatural force. Through movement, this energy is temporarily hosted by the physical presence of the performers.

'Models' uses the idea of learning, mimicry and the sharing of physical signals and information to inform the narrative and overall movement.

Candela Capitán’s own work explores the activation and deactivation of social ties, positioning the body in relation to others, to objects and to collective imagery. Her projects address new forms of communication technology, relationships that blur the lines between artistic disciplines, plus intergenerational trauma and its consequences, resisting existing narratives about women's bodies and sexuality. They serve as vehicles of creation for dreamlike spaces and parallel realities manifesting in the form of choreography, installations, and performances that invite the viewer to engage directly with the tension, delight, and delirium therein.

Candela's choreography for 'Models' investigates the dynamics of embodiment, mimicry and mechanization, via the use of a paratheatrical device that mobilizes the movement against limitations posed on the body by contemporary technologies.

Lee Gamble - concept & art direction, music & sound design 

Candela Capitán - performance direction & choreography, staging

Jacqueline Sobiszewski - light design

performed by: 

Julia Romero Soriano

Mariona Moranta Capllonch

Virginia Martin Mateos