Discussion: Ecology of Care


Nightlife, clubs and cultural institutions, have often provided vital sanctuaries for queer and marginalised communities, spaces where people can connect and find a sense of belonging and support systems. Kicking off a new ongoing series on community care and mental health, today’s conversation will explore how isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic has affected mental health in communities that were already vulnerable. Through the lens of artists, mental health care practitioners and community organizers, this panel will also touch on ways to cope with isolation, building alternative networks of community care and harm reduction. Following this discussion, an online space will be created to process, share resources and set intentions collectively, leading up to a first session of holistic queer community care later in the week. The guests will include Julia Kata from Trans-Fuzja, a non-profit fighting for trans rights in Poland, visual designer and artist Ting Ding, and rafi from TS Raver, a Berlin-based queer nightlife project that positions peer-led harm reduction teams as anchors for critical care. Moderated by tobha.

This discussion will be streamed online on our Facebook and Youtube, as well as on Kraków Play: