Schedule / FRIDAY 15 OCTOBER

Presentation: Speculative Voices and Machine Learning


The tradition of vocal portraiture has recently been reinvigorated by contemporary machine learning models such as Speech2Face and Wav2Pix, which seek to generate the face of a speaker from their vocal signal. Rather than facilitating the forensic reconstruction of an individual's 'true' face, these models speculate about the relationship between the vocal signal and physical facts about the human vocal apparatus in order to generate an 'averaged' subject. Importantly, these speculative reconstructions are defined by a backdrop of osteological assumptions that seek to bridge perceived relationships between inherited facial structure and social behaviour. This lecture-presentation by researchers and artists Murad Khan and Martin Disley outlines their investigation into the practice and tools of contemporary vocal profiling and presents a series of speculative attacks upon the Speech2Face pipeline, proposing interventions capable of subverting its attempts at numeralisation.

This discussion will be streamed online on our Facebook and Youtube, as well as on Kraków Play: