Discussion: Squeezed Out – Cities, Tourism and Gentrification


During the pandemic lockdown, tourist cities around the world were abruptly altered, their streets lined with darkened short-stay apartments, empty hotels and shuttered restaurants. Meanwhile, the lingering effects of so-called ‘sharing economies’, with displacement of local residents and lack of affordable housing are here to stay. Did this pause change anything, suggesting more sustainable ways to develop cities butchered by tourism? How to account for the role of big cultural events in this process? And now, with the pandemic slowly easing, how should we move forward? Participants include Ana Filipovic, an architect, spatial designer, and independent researcher based in Berlin, whose work focuses on the spatial manifestations of power structures in society; and Joanna Erbel, an urban sociologist and activist focused on urban democracy, sustainable development of the city and housing policy. Moderated by Unsound co-founder and Artistic Director Mat Schulz.