Presentation: The ABC of the Projectariat


In this aleatoric performance, researcher Kuba Szreder will address the ups and downs of the artistic projectariat, people who do projects to make a living. He will talk to and about throngs of freelancers who roam the global art world, where enthusiasm and exclusion, mobility and poverty, entrepreneurialism and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. This unpredictable existence will be dissected in a fitting form of aleatoric performance, following a random selection of snippets from Szreder’s upcoming book The ABC of the Projectariat, scrambled by a digital machine programmed by Michał Szota. This discussion is paired with a practical account of different modes of action, such as art strikes, productive withdrawals, political struggles and better social time machines. In this short lexicon, Szreder argues that just as proletarians had nothing to lose but their chains, the projectarians have nothing to miss but their deadlines.

This discussion will be streamed online on our Facebook and Youtube, as well as on Kraków Play: