Discussion: The Topography of Oppression Online


How does oppression on the ground transcend into the online world? From the proliferation of surveillance tech to online censorship of grassroots activists and marginalised communities, this conversation delves into the topography of oppression and violence online from Palestine to Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus and other parts of Europe. Topics include the recent censorship of Palestinian voices by social media platforms, and the role of big tech in moderating and restricting political narratives; attempts of the Belarusian and Russian governments to suppress peaceful protests by shutting down the internet and throttling social media platforms; and Pegasus spyware and the digital violence of surveillance. What is the future of the internet we need to claim and defend? Participants include Palestinian Marwa Fatafta, Slovakia’s Eliška Pírková and Russia’s Natalia Krapiva, all working for Access Now, a non profit defending and extending digital rights of people around the world. This discussion takes place online, but will be streamed for a live audience in Kraków, who can ask questions.

This discussion will be streamed online on our Facebook and Youtube, as well as on Kraków Play: