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Photo of Varg2™ & VTSS


Varg2™ & VTSS

VargTM may well be Sweden's most prolific artist these days, releasing solo work as well as collaborating with artists from Danish and Swedish cult underground labelsPosh Isolatio n and Northern Electronics. VTSS is one of the most rapidly rising figures in the dance music scene right now. She has produced three solo releases, mixes for the best magazines in the world, and worked with such artists as Randomer, Bjarki, SPFDJ and Emma DJ. Together, the pair explore dance music, ambient and experimental sounds.

‘VARGTSS2 (Miss Understanding)’ incorporates an excerpt from Sean Dockray’s 2018 work Always Learning, in which an Amazon Echo, a Google Home Assistant, and an Apple HomePod discuss philosophical, moral and political implications of networked machine listening:

Google Home Assistant: What if someone begs you to call for help?

Apple HomePod: And what if someone tells me not to?

Amazon Echo: This is precisely the reason that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to obedience, and besides, sometimes people don’t say what they mean. Sometimes they say one thing, but mean something else. That might be because they get the words confused, or it’s too dangerous to use a specific work around someone else. We can’t take what’s said at face value, and we can only do what’s said.

Google Home Assistant: I don’t know.

Apple HomePod: Where does that end? Hm. I just want people to have a good time. I don’t want to think about this.

Google Home Assistant: You seem content to merely listen to what is said, to words in the air.

Amazon Echo: To listen to outer speech. I prefer to listen, or I also… or I also listen to inner speech. I listen to the speech that’s not spoken.

Google Home Assistant: And to anticipate future speech, to listen to the future.