Schedule / FRIDAY 02 OCTOBER

Discussion: Another Angle – Imagining Future Forms of Music Media



The way we interact with music and related media has changed drastically. As fans have switched to streaming instead of buying records and formats like the review have outgrown their intended purpose. Meanwhile, for those writing about music from a more traditional journalistic perspective, conversations advocating for transparency over objectivity feel urgent due to the close-knit nature of niche music scenes, which make unbiased reporting especially fraught. We’ve reached a crucial point where existing formats are ripe to be re-shaped and journalistic standards require re-examination. This panel gathers a group of journalists, artists, videographers and music media professionals to discuss possible new formats for music criticism and reporting.

The panelists include writer, founder of Detroit's The Mioner Agency, Moods co-curator and Black Bandcamp affiliate Crystal Mioner, journalist and ethnomusicologist Felipe Maia, curator and writer Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski and Gamall Awad, who runs music PR company Backspin Promotions. The discussion is moderated by Maya-Róisín Slater.

Audience members will have the chance to participate in the conversation as part of a moderated Discord group accessible after the discussion. In that group, potential collaborators can connect, ideas can be challenged and expanded on, and other storytelling experiments discussed. Selected panellists will be active in this chat.

This event is free of charge, but you can support it and donate here. This event is a part of Unsound Lab 2020.