Schedule / MONDAY 05 OCTOBER

Webinar: Kazimierz Unseen



If you’ve come to Unsound over previous years, for sure you know Kazimerz, a district of bars, restaurants and cafes amongst the ruins of Kazimierz’ Jewish past. But there’s an invisible Jewish Kazimierz that the naked eye may not see, full of magnificent and tragic history intersecting with a fascinating, problematic contemporary. FestivALT co-directors Michael Rubenfeld and Adam Schorin take you on a live, virtual, critical tour that will open the door to some of Kazimierz’s hidden narratives and encourage you to see beyond the visible exterior.

This alternative virtual tour of Krakow’s Jewish district of Kazimierz originally took the form of a tour in physical space at Unsound 2019, after being selected from the call for entries.

This tour is FREE and takes place on Zoom, and you need to register to get the link.

Created and presented by Michael Rubenfeld and Adam Schorin, music/sound by Alex Roth, video shot by Patryk Dróżdż, edited by Michael Rubenfeld.

Register for the tour here. Limited places.