Machine Listening Session 2 - Lessons In How (Not) To Be Heard



The second of three experimental Zoom sessions investigating the coming world of listening machines across the spectrum of its dystopian and utopian dimensions. Comprising a montage of presentations, performance, sound, video, experiments in listening, and music, this second session offers a series of lessons in how not to be heard, ranging from the structural to the technical, and from the aesthetic to the activist.

Machine listening poses a challenge at least as urgent as computer vision, search or social media… indeed, all the more pressing for having received so much less critical attention. How might we institute and provide a platform for a global community as a critical counterpoint to all the capitalists and solutionists, militarists and industry boosters intent on empowering machines with the sense of hearing? Featuring: Jules LaPlace, Halcyon Lawrence, Panoptykon Foundation, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Alex Ahmed (Project Spectra), Joel Spring and Jazz Money, Mat Dryhurst (Interdependence), DeForrest Brown Jr. (Speaker Music) and more.

This session will last between 2 - 3 hours.

Register for the webinar via this link - limited places.

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