Schedule / MONDAY 05 OCTOBER

Discussion: Nature is Healing? Our Relationship With The Non-Human Under COVID-19



The 2020 Coronavirus crisis should force us to reexamine the human position within the non-human world, not least because of the increasing evidence that habitat destruction can be a cause of new diseases where people are infected by other mammals. But how do we respond to this, as scientists, artists, and members of the public? In a wide ranging discussion, we explore how the COVID-19 situation has made many feel more in touch with the “nature” surrounding them, yet also raised vital questions over the levels of privilege and ownership as to who has access to green space and the natural world. Is the “nature is healing” sentiment expressed by some during lockdown a worrying step on a slippery slope to ecofascism? What impact has the pandemic had on attitudes towards the fight against climate change? Moderator / participant and writer Luke Turner leads this discussion with Jessica Lee, editor of The Willowherb Review – a literary journal dedicated to nature writing , ran by emerging and established writers of colour, artist and Lars Holdhus aka TCF – a Norwegian-born artist and musician who deals with language, codes, infrastrastructure and ecology and J.T. Roane, who leads the Black Ecologies Initiative at Arizona State University

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