Discussion: Online/Offline - Hybrid Possibilities
Schedule / SUNDAY 11 OCTOBER

Discussion: Online/Offline - Hybrid Possibilities



Calls for an immaterial future of music have become common during the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion explores the complex present of streamed events and music, as well as ways the future might take shape. Thinking about a hybrid reality, how might we transition big ideas online into real space? The session begins with a 10-minute show by German artist Marcus Schmickler, in which he experiments with the idea of “streaming as an instrument” by getting the audience to turn on multiple networked devices beforehand. A discussion then includes Marcus Schmickler, researcher and artist Mat Dryhurst of Interdependence, Niks Delanancy of Black Bandcamp, artist Sam Rolfes, and writer Nora Khan. Moderated by Lisa Blanning.

Unsound audience will need to actively take part in this. The idea is that people place multiple online-devices around their appartement and listen in parallel to the same performance. Marcus would like for listeners to undust their networking devices, old laptops, old smartphones and tablets and log them into the same stream that he will be performing on. The more devices per home the more interesting the sonic event. Not just one computer with Zoom and a browser window but computer plus smartphone and maybe even tablet and boyfriend’s phone, etc. Whatever online devices are around. The latencies will create a Corona-style multichannel-audio experience.

You can take active part in the discussion, here, on Zoom.

This event is free of charge, but you can support it and donate here. This event is a part of Unsound Lab 2020.