Patiño & Schuttel present: Ethereal Walk



Selected from the Unsound open call, this is a new work in the format of an audio tour, in which participatory elements and bodily presence are combined in relation to space. The idea is to address the potential of sound to create imaginary mental spaces that transgress physical constraints, creating interconnectedness and a sense of belonging.

The project consists of an electronic composition by Patiño & Schuttel, combined with vocal instructions that direct the participants into an imaginary soundscape. As part of the instructions the listener will be guided outdoors, to a park or a natural environment (urban or natural). The listener will be directed through voice and sound into a sonic realm that expands the experience of each individual’s surroundings.

The sound walk is conceived to be experienced outdoors in a park or natural environment, with the starting point of the soundwalk will be defined by each participant. Participants need to be in their selected destination, ready at 19:00 CEST with headphones and a smart phone phone with Internet. From there you can play the live broadcast, transforming this individual experience into a collective entanglement. The walk lasts for 30 minutes. Tune into Radio Kapitał here.

After your walk, head to Unsound Discord (register here) to discuss the experience with one another, as well as with Patiño & Schuttel – who will be available to chat at 8pm. You are also free to also share images from your walk on Discord and social media.

This event is free of charge, but you can support it and donate here.