Schedule / FRIDAY 09 OCTOBER

∞ o'clock featuring David OReilly’s Quarantine Dreams



This six hour long experience, repeated four times across twenty-four hours, begins with Quarantine Dreams by the Irish artist and filmmaker David OReilly.


Earlier this year, OReilly set up a voice mailbox to record people's dreams during the pandemic, and used them to create Quarantine Dreams - layering narrated dreams with formless music, and stunning geometric imagery. The result is a mesmerizing, unsettling journey that intertwines individual thoughts and subconscious fears, with each voice exploded through cascades of choreographed objects. 


Following Quarantine Dreams is almost 6 hours of music called ∞ o'clock, made by artists from around the world including Los Angeles musician Emily A. Sprague, Berlin-based Columbian musician Lucrecia Dalt, French artist Félicia Atkinson, Poland’s Bartosz Kruczyński, Chicago-based Forest Management and Kenyan artist KMRU. The music is designed to allow one to sleep, listen, or enter a meditative state. Throughout, OReilly will perform abstract animation designed to relax your attention and give your imagination space to explore.

∞ o'clock will run six hours in length, and will be repeated four times across a 24-hour period before disappearing forever. 



00:00 David's Quarantine Dreams

00:11 Felicia Atkinson

01:09 Bartek Kruczynski aka Earth Trax

02:06 KMRU

03:06 Lucrecia Dalt

04:06 Emily A. Sprague

05:04 Forest Management

06:00 David's Quarantine Dreams

06:11 Bartek Kruczynski aka Earth Trax

07:07 Felicia Atkinson

08:06 KMRU

09:06 Forest Management

10:01 Lucrecia Dalt  

11:01 Emily A. Sprague

12:00 David's Quarantine Dreams

12:11 Felicia Atkinson

13:09 KMRU

14:10 Lucrecia Dalt

15:10 Emily A. Sprague

16:08 Bartek Kruczynski aka Earth Trax

17:04 Forest Management

18:00 David's Quarantine Dreams

18:11 KMRU

19:11 Felicia Atkinson

20:10 Lucrecia Dalt

21:10 Bartek Kruczynski aka Earth Trax

22:06 Emily A. Sprague

23:04 Forest Management