Dance and Movement Workshop: Touching the Strangers (within)



A queer dance and movement workshop led by choreographer Rafał Pierzyński featuring a DJ set by Facheroia of Warsaw’s Kem collective, through the medium of Zoom. The workshop will negotiate the idea of the foreign within our bodies, our environment and between each other in terms of Rafał's artistic practice, with touch being one of the core elements of his work.

Rafał Pierzyński says: “Touching others, we are also touched – we dispel boundaries between opposing forces, what lies inside and outside. Online or offline, by dancing together we think collectively, and regain the knowledge, openness, sexuality and politicalness of the body. We find ways to be together – without fear that the experience of others will take our identity, agency or independence. In the times of the pandemic, social distancing and heightened states of anxiety and aggression against sexual minorities and BIPOC, we are looking for ways to come together again, finding solutions and survival strategies.”

This event is free of charge, but you can support it and donate here.

Register for the workshop here - limited places.