Mutual Respect
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Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

Egalitarian values have always been at the forefront of all Unsound activities, which bring together people of different backgrounds. Harassment, discrimination and violence have never been tolerated at the festival, but there's still much to be done to make festivals, music events and parties a safer space for everyone. 

Together with s team of coordinators and volunteers we aim to make all of our venues safer for everyone. For anyone who feels threatened in any way, unwell, or needs to rehydrate or catch a breath, there will be selected spaces where you can seek help from a trained team who will be able to discreetly resolve problems or offer support.

Mutual Respect is more than this, though. It's also part of Unsound’s attempts to inspire all of us to rethink the world around us and make it more inclusive. This year are continuing to develop this action further - thanks to a collaboration with our partner organisations we are able to train our Mutual Respect team, organize workshops and create policies allowing everyone to feel safer at Unsound. We also hope that this message will grow outside of the festival spectrum.

Remember to have fun and to respect those around you.

Mutual Respect Principles

Unsound is a meeting place of people from all over the world. It’s very important for us that:

Everyone should feel at ease and free to express themselves at all our events. 

Everyone should respect others. 

Everyone should be able to enjoy the festival without being discriminated against or violated, in particular women, people of different sexual orientations, identities and genders, including trans and non-binary people, people with disabilities and people from all ethnic backgrounds.

Remember that:

You’re not alone at the festival. There are Mutual Respect team members at every event, trained to help you if in need.

If someone at the festival is violating your dignity or sense of security in any way - verbally, visually or physically - or if you feel unwell, you can go to the Mutual Respect team.

If you see someone behaving inappropriately towards other people, threatening their sense of security, or being aggressive, please notify the Mutual Respect team.

If you see someone feeling unwell or behaving in a way that concerns you, please notify our Mutual Respect team.

Overnight events can be very exhausting. Take care of yourself and remember to drink water - it's available for free at every venue thanks to the Kraków Waterworks.