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Unsound co-presents Nyege Nyege Tour in Poland

Unsound co-presents Nyege Nyege Tour in Poland

Unsound has created a special relationship with Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival and Tapes. Since 2017, our flagship event in Kraków has presented a number of performances and European premieres, introducing electro acholi, singeli and experimental forms of Eastern African electronic music to European audiences. Three years later, and the artists affiliated with Nyege Nyege and its sub label Hakuna Kunala are a staple of the European festival circuit. 

Thanks to the efforts of CTM Festival in Berlin to bring a number of artists to Europe this January, Unsound is partnering with Nyege Nyege and local promoters to present dates in Poland: 3rd February in Wyspa Tamka, Wrocław; 6th February in Piękny Pies, Kraków and SiXa, Katowice; 7th February in Pogłos, Warszawa and 8th February in Alchemia, Kraków.

The tour will feature DUMA from Kenya, a duo working on the fringes of metal music, blending electronic sounds and noise with grindcore and doom influences. DJ DIAKI from Mali creates his own vision of polyrhythmic dance music, based on loops inspired by balani music, coupé décalé and soukous. Uganda’s CATU DIOSIS is a core member of the Nyege Nyege crew, an active journalist, fashion designer, activist and a thrilling DJ known for afro-bass music. Also from Uganda, DON ZILLA is another pillar of Kampala’s music community. He’s the studio manager of Boutiq Studios and a producer of original bass music.  

The African artists will be joined by a number of Polish DJs pursuing an eclectic vision of club music: MADIKOPTAH, PFF and RÁBANO PICANTE from Wrocław’s Regime Brigade, Zgrzyt’s PLK and Unsound’s RUSAŁKA.

Here’s the schedule. Tickets will be available soon directly through the venues. 

Unsound x Wyspa Tamka: Nyege Nyege Warm Up

3rd February, Wyspa Tamka, Wrocław

Catu Diosis (UG), DJ Diaki (ML), Don Zilla (UG), Rábano Picante (PL)

Price: 25 / 30 PLN

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/3987113077980759/

Unsound x Zgrzyt: Nyege Nyege Warm Up

6th February, SiXa, Katowice

DJ Diaki (ML), Don Zilla (UG), PLK (PL)

Price: 20 PLN at the door

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/467010417582934/

Unsound x Klątwa Obfitości: Nyege Nyege Warm Up

6th February, Piękny Pies, Kraków

Catu Diosis (UG), Rusałka (PL)

Price: 20 PLN at the door

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2709700295811859/

Unsound x Nyege Nyege: Warszawa

7th February, Pogłos, Warszawa

Catu Diosis (UG), DJ Diaki (ML), Don Zilla (UG), Duma (KE), Madikoptah (PL)

Price: 35 PLN presale at Pogłos / 40 PLN at the door

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2573158429594966/

Unsound x Nyege Nyege: Kraków

8th February, Alchemia, Kraków

DJ Diaki (ML), Don Zilla (UG), Duma (KE), Pff (PL)

Price: 35 PLN presale at Alchemia / 40 PLN at the door

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/627456268064584/