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Unsound 2020: Intermission – Day 4

Unsound day four

Starting the day is the third and final session of Machine Listening at 1pm CEST, presented with Liquid Architecture, investigating the coming world of listening machines. Today’s session is on Listening With the Pandemic and features Sean Dockray, Mark Andrejevic, Thao Phan, Vladan Joler, Andrew Brooks, Shannon Mattern, Jasmine Guffond and more. You can sign up for the Zoom webinar here, or watch via YouTube (here). Remember to also join the #machine-listening channel on Unsound’s Discord (open invitation awaits here).

After sitting and thinking you’ll need to move your body – luckily UNIIQU3 is at hand with a Jersey Club 101 workshop, where you’ll be able to learn signature Jersey Club dances as well as get fit. Classes start at 5pm and take the form of a registered Zoom session – sign up for free here.

At 4pm you’ll get to meet ZUBOTNIK, an artist Fractal Fantasy have been developing in secrecy. This sneak peek takes the form of an interactive A/V presentation online, available for just 24 hours. Meet and start chatting with ZUBOTNIK here.

At 7pm, Fractal Fantasy’s Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones will present their A/V show dreamRooms();, an experimental performance that offers a rare glimpse into their development process, against the backdrop of the pandemic and the cabin fever that comes with lockdown. Watch the stream on our website or YouTube, and remember you can chat with other audience members on Unsound’s Discord channel (registration open here). This show will not be archived, so don’t be late!

Then, at 7.30pm, the stream continues. We’ll finally get to meet the famous vlogger ‘Drumpilled’, attending their first Unsound ‘in person’, via a custom 3D Virtual Avatar System designed by Sam Rolfes. In their first live talk-show stream, Drumpilled will recap the drama and intrigue of the first couple of days at Unsound 2020, chat with Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke about their audiovisual journey, and pit the Fractal Fantasy artists against the livestream audience in a game of wits and niche references. This is going to take place on Discord (invitation here).

See you online!