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Unsound 2020: Intermission – Day 7

unsound day seven pic

Perhaps you think you’ve had enough of festivals streaming events online? That’s because you haven’t yet encountered the delights of Unsound 2020… On Day 7 we offer a discussion, an experimental A/V performance / presentation and a deep listening / meditation session.

At 7pm CEST, the discussion is on Radical Sociability Cancelling the Toxicity in Cancel Culture, and features such luminaries as Natalie Wynn – known for YouTube channel ContraPoints, philosopher Ben Burgis – writer of the forthcoming Canceling Comedians While the World Burns, and visual artist Richard Kennedy. Moderating is Lou Drago, who will briefly introduce their strategy to enact intersectional affinities through a process called Radical Sociability, before engaging the panelists in a discussion. You can join via Webinar, or watch on YouTube. Head to Unsound Discord (invitation here) to chat or ask questions.

Following at 9pm CEST is a hybrid lecture / performance called Awne from TCF, exploring the ways the Norwegian artist has worked on setting up a system to compose art and music that draws inspiration from biological processes, natural farming techniques, permaculture, nature and more. The performance will present this system in a virtual world built around the software (Unity + Machine Learning) that TCF is currently using in parts of his live performances. Watch the stream on YouTube, and head to Discord (register here) to chat with TCF.

At 10pm CEST, legendary multi-instrumentalist Laraaji will lead a live deep listening meditation workshop online, involving both music and voice. Please register for this session on Zoom webinar via this link.

Unsound Radio will present two surprise sets on Discord today. One around 6pm CEST, and the second around 11pm, when the workshop with Laraaji will end. In previous days we’ve presented past Unsound sets from Lorenzo Senni, UMFANG and Pedestrian Deposit.

Last but not least, we’re pleased to announce that by popular demand this Sunday we’ll present the Unsound Intermission Quiz and Karaoke Party. Head to the Unsound schedule to read all about this unexpected event. We hope you’ll join in – the more the merrier!