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Unsound 2020: Intermission – Day 3


The third day of Unsound 2020: Intermission is upon us and so our free program continues, with a small selection of online experiments.

Liquid Architecture will present the second experimental Zoom webinar on Machine Listening, this time with Lessons In How (Not) To Be Heard, ranging from the structural to the technical questions, and from the aesthetic to the activist perspective. Taking place from 1–3pm CEST, the session features: Jules LaPlace, Halcyon Lawrence, Panoptykon Foundation, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Alex Ahmed (Project Spectra), Joel Spring and Jazz Money, Mat Dryhurst (Interdependence) and DeForrest Brown Jr. (Speaker Music).

You can still register for the webinar here or you can watch it as a stream on Youtube, or on the Unsound website. After the sessions, we encourage participants and audience members to keep chatting on the #machine-listening channel on the Unsound Discord. (Register with this invite)

Afterward, you can take an online walk with American YouTuber Benjamin Bennett, known both for his Sitting and Smiling series, as well as his Walking and Talking series, in which he walks and talks in an unscripted and reflexive manner, also for long periods. For this special live stream, Benjamin will walk and talk in relation to ideas brought up by the Unsound program. He starts at 4pm, link here. Benjamin will be on Discord directly after the stream to chat with the audience.

Finally, at 7pm you can separate yourself from your screen and take a collective walk as part of an audio tour created by Patiño & Schuttel. Ethereal Walks will be listened to through a live stream broadcast online, via Radio Kapitał.

The sound walk is conceived to be experienced outdoors in a park or natural environment, with the starting point of the soundwalk will be defined by each participant. Participants need to be in their selected destination, ready at 19:00 CEST with headphones and a smart phone phone with Internet. From there you can play the live broadcast, transforming this individual experience into a collective entanglement. The walk lasts for 30 minutes. Tune into Radio Kapitał here.

After your walk, head to Unsound Discord (register here) to discuss the experience with one another, as well as with Patiño & Schuttel – who will be available to chat at 8pm. You are also free to also share images from your walk on Discord and social media.