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Unsound 2019 Day Six

Unsound 2019 Day Six

Before we reveal what's on today, we need to let you know about last night's surprise at Hotel Forum. The ominous chime over the smoking area is Kasandra by Paweł Kulczyński - a sound installation reminding us that the time is almost up to stop the sixth great extinction of species. The installation will also be open today and tomorrow as well.

The discussion program starts with a presentation by theorist and writer Jan Sowa, asking whether it’s possible to re-engage with the disruptive currents held within the roots of Poland’s original Solidarity movement. Emma Warren, author of Make Some Space, will speak about protecting the communities we love through documentation. Ayesha Hameed takes Drexciya as a point of departure to discuss Afrofuturism and anthropocene. The Caretaker, Ivan Seal and Weirdcore will talk about the vision behind Leyland Kirby’s musical project and its unique relationship to visual artists. Finally, John Doran will host a panel about weird music for the weird times. The discourse program takes place in Pałac Krzysztofory, entry is free!

Today’s screenings at Kino Pod Baranami include Push, a documentary exploring how global finance is making cities unlivable, and Bellingcat - Truth in a Post-Truth World, showing how the collective has used social media, crowdsourcing and digital techniques to conduct research into the MH17 plane crash, the Syrian Civil War and more. Screenings require an additional ticket on top of the pass.

Another music journalism workshop happens today at Busz, with Wil Lynch, the editor of Resident Advisor. A streaming session at Busz is hosted by Crack Magazine today, featuring Betty and Chino. Entry is free, and you can also watch online. 

Afternoon and evening shows take place in Nowa Huta today, the worker’s district built from scratch in the 50s in the style of socialist realism. 

Robert Henke is one of the most influential figures in electronic music. At Unsound 2013 he presented the world premiere of Lumiere, which went on to tour the world. Now he’s back with the first show of CBM 8032 AV. Three years in the making, the show is created entirely using restored Commodore CBM 8032 computers from 1980 - but in ways nobody could ever have imagined back then. “This work is about the ambivalence between a contemporary aesthetic and the usage of a very limited technology from 40 years ago,” says Henke. Tickets are sold out to both sessions, and will not be available at the door.

Later, at Teatr Łaźnia Nowa, drone metal titans Sunn O))) appear at Unsound following the release of their acclaimed album Life Metal and ahead of the next one, Pyroclasts. Live, their shows approach ritual, creating solidarity through sound. Co-commissioned by Unsound, Roly Porter & MFO’s new A/V work Kistvaen explores how our pagan roots and technology-driven present are inextricably interwoven. The Kraków show features Katarzyna Smoluk-Moczydłowska and Agata Harz - of Księżyc - and Barbara Wilińska, Polish vocalists drawing on Slavic traditions. Lyra Pramuk opens, presenting the premiere of new songs centred around her voice, performed through a multi-channel array designed by Ben Frost. Tickets are now sold out.

Finally, we return to Hotel Forum for another extensive night of eclectic music across the Ball Room, The Chandelier Room and The Kitchen: ranging from Indonesian gabber through industrial techno, footwork and a selection of acts from East Africa and the Shanghai scene. But there’s more! The Secret Lodge opens today with a selection of experimental acts. Tickets will be available late at night at the door, after 2am. Please form an orderly queue. The number depends on available capacity inside. There will be a lot of time to enjoy the music, as the party finishes at 7am.

One important piece of information: Rubeboyz are unable to perform at Unsound - they have been replaced in a last-minute change by the mighty Giant Swan, ahead of the release of their new album on November 4th. We’re sorry Rudeboyz can’t make it, but of course are happy to welcome back these old friends, who last played at Unsound at Manghha, before bursting onto the European festival scene. This their first Forum show ever.

For details on every event today, please refer to the schedule, and remember to check out the exhibition section, to find out about the wide range of work on display at the festival by artists such as Richard Mosse (Incoming), Ivan Seal and The Caretaker, an exhibition of Polish Sound Postcards, and more. 

The Festival Office is open every day until the end of the festival, between 12pm and 6pm. If you have a pass, that’s the place to pick up your wristband. You can also buy tickets here, but please check the availability on our ticket page first. The address is Pałac Krzysztofory, Szczepańska 2.