Installation Opening: There Will Be No Other Forest
08 Oct | 16:30

free admission

There Will Be No Other Forest by Peter Cusack and Martyna Poznańska captures Puszcza Białowieska, the last primeval forest in mainland Europe, in sound, video and photographs. It is a reaction to the forest's current situation including ongoing logging, focusing on the relationship between humans and nature as well as the relations within the forest itself. The work is presented in partnership with Białystok's Up To Date Festival and SN Spaces in London. After the opening, the work can be visited from 12:00 - 18:00.

"Lamella the house of queer arts" in Krakow, which is an artist-run independent organization that fosters the artistic, social and cultural development of Krakow's queer community. Lamella is creating a safe space for reflecting queer identity and engages in the process of political, cultural and sexual liberation. Vala Tomasz Foltyn is also a co-creator of Krakow Art House - an art space in Krakow - 110 years old villa, where art and urban activism is being sheltered.

Kraków Art House
Szwedzka 8, Kraków, Poland
Up To Date Festival
KBF - 20 lat