Rainbow Gum
14 Oct | 15:00

New York’s Moondog created revolutionary works combining classical music, jazz, Native American music and field recordings. The project Moondog for Gamelan sees acclaimed Indonesian composer Iwan Gunawan and his ensemble Kyai Fatahillah partner with Stefan Lakatos to perform compositions by “The Viking of 6th Avenue” on gamelan instruments. The project was initiated by Europalia Indonesia. Visible Cloaks are devoted to ambient music steeped in the past and future. UK’s Laura Cannell opens, using traditional instruments to play music that is both ancient and innovative. Please note this show is not included in the festival pass and requires an additional ticket.

  • Laura Cannell
  • Visible Cloaks
  • Moondog for Gamelan with Iwan Gunawan and Stefan Lakatos
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Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków
Europalia Indonesia