Workshop: Nie jestem fajną dupą! / I'm Not a Fine Piece of Ass!
09 Oct | 17:00

“Hey, I’m Alex. I could think of thousands of situations where I felt my chest squeezing, my throat clenching, and my heart racing. It’s never easy – working my way through everyday sexism often feels like a battlefield. If you’ve ever felt that anger, fear and helplessness – you’re not alone. Let’s meet and learn how to talk about it together. I will share my experiences, and the solutions that have worked for me over the years. There is no golden answer to sexism, but in friendship and togetherness we can build the confidence to fight back.”

Note: this workshop is in Polish. Registration required: [email protected]

  • Siksa
free admission
Lindo Cafe
Sławkowska 23, Kraków, Poland