Installation Opening: Enclave & Audint
15 Oct | 18:00


The opening of two major installations, both exploring the subject of the military in different ways. “The Enclave” is Richard Mosse’s attempt to radically rethink war photography, by using discontinued military surveillance film to shoot in the jungle war zone of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Ben Frost’s audio composition, comprised of organic Congolese field recordings, is also part of the work. Toby Heys and Steve Goodman’s research cell AUDINT presents “Dead Record Office” - a multi-sensory installation that employs directional ultrasonic speakers and wearable Subpacs. The Dead Record Archive – a chronicle of events, songs, books, scientists, historical figures, technologies, etc. pertaining to the ways frequencies psychologically and physiologically affect humans - is integral to the pieces. More information of both installations can be found at the end of the booklet. After the opening, the gallery can be visited during Bunkier Sztuki opening hours 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (entry: 6 PLN).

Bunkier Sztuki
Plac Szczepański 3A
  • AUDINT: Toby Heys & Steve Goodman
  • Richard Moss presents: "The Enclave"