One Frequency, Mnay Signals
19 Oct | 14:30


An afternoon of music connected in different ways to noise scenes. Mark Fell presents his microtemporal works, which include Multistablity (Raster Noton 2010) Periodic Orbits (Editions Mego 2011). The works refer to sounds drawn from the emergence of techno including the Linn kick drum and various presets found on Yamaha's four operator FM synthesisers. Here rhythms are constructed using elementary pattern generating procedures. Pete Swanson - formerly of legendary duo Yellow Swans - is a trailblazer in blurring lines between noise and techno. The bill is rounded out with Polish artist Robert Piotrowicz, whose live shows focus on analog synths to create a fierce trademark sound.

ul. M. Konopnickiej 26
  • Robert Piotrowicz
  • Mark Fell
  • Pete Swanson