Ritual <-> TranscenXXXce
17 Oct | 18:30


The stunning interior and massive reverb of the 16th century St Catherine's Church make it perfect for Julianna Barwick to perform a unique show with the Chamber Choir of Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Muzyczna I Stopnia im I.Paderewskiego w Krakowie, exploring the ethereal sound of her critically acclaimed album "Nepenthe". She shares a bill with Rhys Chatham and Charlemagne Palestine, two of America's most distinctive minimalist / avant-garde composers, performing together for the first time in three decades. A former member of Tony Conrad's The Dream Syndicate, Chatham was one of the key figures of NYC's No Wave scene in the late 1970's, whilst Palestine was a contemporary of artists such as Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Steve Reich - although his intense, ritualistic music also places him in a zone all his own.

  • Julianna Barwick
  • Charlemagne Palestine & Rhys Chatham