Oren Ambarchi with Sinfonietta Cracovia Quintet & Friends

Oren Ambarchi is an Austrialian multi-instrumentalist known for working in various genres with artists such as Sunn O))), Keiji Haino, John Tilbury, Thomas Brinkmann, Fire!, Merzbow and Jim O’Rourke, as well as his captivating solo output on labels such as Touch and Editions Mego. At Unsound he will present “Knots”, the stand-out piece from his 2012 album “Audience of One”. Joining him will be a quintet from Krakow's Sinfonietta Cracovia led by James Rushford, with Joe Talia on drums and Crys Cole on electronics. Other string players performing include Erkki Veltheim and Judith Hamann.

Credits for "Knots" at Unsound Festival New York 2014:

Oren Ambarchi - guitar

Joe Talia - drums

crys cole - contact mics and spring

James Rushford - viola and conductor

Sinfonietta Cracovia quintet with Aleksandra Honcel-Banek - violin; Danuta Augustyn - violin; Rafał Daszkiewicz- Altówka - viola; Ryszard Sneka - viola; Tomasz Wyroba – cello

Erkki Veltheim - violin

Judith Hamann - cello


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