Damaged Particulates (Undersong Edition)
06 Apr | 14:15

Phill Niblock’s historic and revered downtown loft space Experimental Intermedia is the setting for a new exploration of sub bass called “Damaged Particulates (undersong edition)”, created by Ben Vida, one the most prolific sound artists and electronic musicians in New York today. This Unsound commission will make use of bass frequencies throughout the space as well as SubPacs. A SubPac is a high-fidelity tactile audio system that quietly and directly transfers low frequencies to your body. Vida notes that his new work starts at a “tipping point” operating in “that space between building up and breaking down meaning, or between musical representation and sonic abstraction.” Each session of "Damaged Particulates" lasts for around 30 minutes for an audience of 30, and should be booked in advance, via ISSUE Project Room. Session times: 2.15pm, 3.30pm, 4.45pm.

  • Ben Vida
Experimental Intermedia
224 Centre St, Manhattan