05 Apr | 20:00

Andy Votel, an eclectic DJ, composer and curator, was commissioned by Unsound to create “Kleksploitation" (an homage to "Pan Kleks"), reconfiguring images, music and sound from a much-loved Polish trilogy of films for children from the 1980s and subverting them to coax their darker side to the surface. The "Pan Kleks" trilogy was originally scored by Andrzej Korzyński, a mysterious Warsaw composer whose unearthed catalogue Votel is releasing on his ever-growing Finders Keepers label. To open, Warsaw-based experimental musician Piotr Kurek of Piętnastka will perform a live score for the 1958 Janusz Majewski absurdist short “Rondo”, in which a waiter ignoring a customer leads to dire consequences.

  • Piotr Kurek
  • Andy Votel
BAMcinématek at BAM Rose Cinema
30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn