Become A Friend of Unsound

The roots of Unsound in Krakow are steeped in a DIY ethos, around which a global network has developed. Over the years, we’ve resisted developing the festival into a commercial juggernaut, instead focusing on quality programing, a human scale, producing new projects and fostering a community of artists, audience and organisers to create a unique atmosphere. Despite the fact that demand for tickets far exceeds availability, we do not produce massive events - yet still try to keep ticket costs at a reasonable price, and also offer many free shows and talks.

Taking a different approach to growth creates real challenges in terms of sustaining the festival, especially in regard to ongoing operating costs throughout the year.

Linked to the sixteenth edition in 2018 - taking place between October 7th and 14th - we are continuing out Friends Of Unsound community, and asking those who can and are willing to give support to our ongoing costs as a non-profit organisation. All funds raised will go into running this organisation and preparing the 2018 festival.

We are inviting membership to a limited number of people to a community called Friends of Unsound. Membership is limited, but this isn’t a VIP deal. It is, simply, a way of confirming support and getting a few unique gifts in return. You can donate any amount you want, but the minimum is 300 Euros or 1300 złotys. In return you will get as a thank you:

  • A free weekly or long weekend entrance to the 2018 edition of Unsound, plus free entry to any additional special shows
  • A Polish dinner for the community of Friends of Unsound during the 2018 festival
  • A Friends of Unsound gift bag with a dedicated set of goodies (you’ll get this when you arrive at the festival)
  • A thank you in our 2018 booklet and on our website

If you can’t come to Unsound Krakow 2018, but would still like to support the festival, then you can still do so, of course for any amount. You can also donate and receive the membership for someone else as a gift. We will list a thank you to everyone who does so on our website, and for any donation over 300 Euros, you’ll also get listed in the 2018 booklet.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and for your ongoing support. Unsound would not exist without you.

You can support through PayPal - just follow the instructions on the “DONATE” button. You can also send a transfer to the account of Fundacja Tone - Muzyka i Nowe Formy Sztuki, the foundation which runs the annual Krakow festival. Due to the PayPal fees, we would definitely prefer that you give support using a traditional bank transfer if possible, but obviously either way we’re very thankful.

Account in Polish Zloty:
name of the account: Fundacja Tone - Muzyka i Nowe Formy Sztuki
address of the owner of the account: ul. Rakowicka 11, 31-511 Krakow, Poland.
account number: 29 1240 1431 1111 0010 1761 7768
IBAN: PL29 1240 1431 1111 0010 1761 7768

Account in Euros:
name of the account: Fundacja Tone - Muzyka i Nowe Formy Sztuki
address of the owner of the account: ul. Rakowicka 11, 31-511 Krakow, Poland.
account number: 65 1240 1431 1978 0010 1956 9157
IBAN: PL65 1240 1431 1978 0010 1956 9157

Please email [email protected] as soon as you make a donation, indicating your name, the amount donated and if you would like the membership package including an invite to the 2018 festival. Please also indicate if you require an invoice or any other form of tax proof for your donation.