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FIREWALL └[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘


Less is more, they say, and despite pandemic-era Unsound being scaled back this year, we’ve worked to encompass a range of music in our late-night programs. Tonight’s offerings include Polish producer Lutto Lento pairing with live drummer Jan to present his 2021 album Legendo, described as ‘a work of sonic weird fiction’. Tennessee rapper bbymutha couldn’t make it to Unsound’s Ephemera Festival in Warsaw, but we’ve managed to bring her to Unsound-proper for the last date of her tour. MMM – the legendary duo made up of Berliners Errorsmith and Fiedel – will present the world premiere of a new show tied to their upcoming album; expect the unexpected! (Fun fact: Errorsmith presented the premiere live show of his already classic album Superlative Fatigue at Unsound.) The night also includes the Queen of Jersey club UNIIQU3, and the blazing debut b2b set from Polish techno star VTSS and Toronto’s Chippy Nonstop. Opening is Warsaw DJ and producer Lensk, while Kraków’s Virtual Geisha closes.