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zdjęcie przedstawia Pimpon


Polish drummer and composer Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek released his debut solo album "Pozdrawiam" this year, and pressed filigree sound design against psychedelic pop, feeding AutoTuned vocals through trancelike soundscapes. Using a spread of unusual instruments like the shruti box and the OP-Z alongside his drums and vocals, Gąsiorek hides pop beneath spiky electro-acoustic involution that betrays his formal education.

The classically trained musician is deeply embedded in the free improv scene, and is the bandleader of post-jazz troupe Pimpono Ensemble, who recently released "Survival Kit" on Gąsiorek's own Love & Beauty Music label. Not a musician willing to be stuck in one place for too long, he also scratches his minimal itch leading six-piece band E/I, finding time in between recording and performing to run Copenhagen's Idealistic Festival.