Space Afrika

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Space Afrika

Josh Tarelle and Joshua Inyang grew up together in the rainy Northern English city of Manchester, and now channel their cultural and personal experiences into ornate sonic patchworks of shoegaze, trip-hop, ambient, chamber music and rap. The duo's music captures the British hauntological post-industrial collapse, exploring minimalist hardcore continuum reductions on 2018's "Somewhere Decent To Live" and the spectrum of Black emotionality on their breakthrough self-released mixtape "hybtwibt?".

2021's "Honest Labour" was Space Afrika's most defining statement to date, a cinematic deconstruction of love and loss expressed in an unclassifiable dream diary of sounds. With guest appearances from Blackhaine, bianca scout, guest, LA Timpa and others, the duo unwittingly crafted an unparalleled soundtrack to a turbulent year, one that's been stuck in the global consciousness ever since.