VTSS b2b Crystallmess

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VTSS b2b Crystallmess

Born in Warsaw, Martyna Maja (aka VTSS) is now stationed in London, carving out a reputation as a genre-bucking post-techno contrarian in the wake of her Technicolour-released 2022 EP "Projections". Maja has been blazing a trail as an in-demand DJ and producer since she was a teenager, phasing through electro, EBM, hardcore, deconstructed club and hard techno over the last few years until she stabilized on a malleable, hybridized sound that absorbed everything and replicated nothing. Recently she's been spotted collaborating with LSDXOXO, Danny L Harle, Emma DJ and Varg, and she returns to Unsound for a well-deserved lap of honour.

Christelle Oyiri is a writer, DJ and producer from Paris's sprawling suburbs who's helped re-contextualize diasporic club sounds with her obsessively crafted sets and tracks. Her musical interests range from hard-edged dancehall and stargazing Detroit techno to overdriven hard dance and afro-trance, but its her assembly of these sounds sets Oyiri truly apart. She creates musical theatre, developing crashing setpieces that reflect her revolutionary outlook, fusing CCRU's future-shocked philosophy with the often overlooked energy of working class Afro-French dance phenomenon logobi.