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zdjęcie przedstawia Olivia b2b Dtekk

Olivia b2b Dtekk

Initially best known for being one of the key resident DJs at the acclaimed annual Unsound festival that takes place in her home city, Krakow, Olivia has developed a trademark style that couples razor-sharp technical skills with an eclectic but interconnected approach to the raw, weighty and mind-altering music she mixes. Depending on the venue, event and vibe, Olivia might race through angular acid, loose-limbed electro, futuristic Motor City techno, concrete-clad industrial music, surging EBM, twisted Italo, glacial cold wave and metallic new wave. 

This year at Unsound she will perform b2b Jędrzej Dondziło, also known as Dtekk. Since stepping behind the decks of the famed Metro club in 2000, he has become one of the most consistent and experienced DJs in the country. His versatility allows him to mix a very broad spectrum of what’s best in techno and electro music. However, his interest reaches further to experimental and ambient music, or to italo disco, which holds a particularly special place in his repertoire.