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zdjęcie przedstawia Shannen SP

Shannen SP

Shannen SP is a London based DJ, artist, vocalist and curator. As a curator she is known for her work with Hyperdub, and her co-curation of the Ø event, while as a vocalist she has featured on Nazar's recent album and EP releases with Hyperdub. With sets at WWW Tokyo, Nyege Nyege and Nowadays NYC under her belt and stellar mixes for Discwoman and DJ Mag alongside her NTS Radio residency, Shannen has quickly carved out an impressive reputation as a DJ.

She is also a member of the Nine Nights collective, started during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown amid the global wave of protests that followed the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The Nine Nights collective was created in order to platform Black artists and contributors to music, visual and the performance arts both in front of and behind the scenes. So far they have orchestrated a series of live streams exploring Blackness in its different forms in London and Berlin, featuring DJ Stingray, Flohio and more.