Aleksander Wnuk presents: En Face
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Aleksander Wnuk presents: En Face

Percussionist, improviser and sound artist Aleksander Wnuk approaches his craft with an inquisitiveness that has allowed him to easily break down genre boundaries. On 2021's claustrophobic "LUPNIK" he composed music specifically for an arranged set of objects, instruments and hardware, processing sounds and saturating them with a mixer. This interplay between acoustic sources and electrical units is crucial to Wnuk's art, and the album walks a precarious tightrope between academic craft and more impulsive free expression.

A serial collaborator, Wnuk is a member of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble and Krakow Improvisers Orchestra, and last year collaborated with celebrated saxophone improviser Paulina Owczarek on "Komentarz eufemistyczny". Having composed extensively for film, theater and dance performances, Wnuk brings this storytelling into his albums, infusing heady long-form experimentation and improvisation with a level of drama that's effortlessly engaging.