CZN (Valentina Magaletti & João Pais)
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CZN (Valentina Magaletti & João Pais)

Cult percussionist Valentina Magaletti teams up with HHY & The Macumbas drummer João Pais Filipe and producer Leon Marks (of Hey Colossus) on CZN, an intricate rhythm centred project that never fails to crack established norms. Their moniker means "copper, zinc and nickel", suggesting the alchemical foundations at the root of a sound driven by gongs, cymbals and drums. Magaletti and Filipe are veteran rhythm scientists, so in a move to force themselves out of their respective comfort zones, reimagined the traditional drum kit and prohibited obvious patterns.

Inspired by classic dub production, Marks limited himself to effects and non-melodic sounds, enhancing Magaletti and Filipe's rhythms rather than detracting from them or complicating them. Their debut album "The Golden Paths", released in Portuguese imprint Lovers & Lollypops, was praised for its hypnotic fusion of 20th century minimalism and jazz, and last year's Trilogy Tapes-released "LUXURY VARIATIONS" pushed even further into the musical abyss, touching no wave, polyrhythmic club music and bloodcurdling dark ambient modalities.