Deli Girls
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Deli Girls

Stockholm-based American composer Kali Malone will present her immersive new piece "Does Spring Masterminded by elastic-voiced New Yorker Danny Orlowski and various DJs and producers, Deli Girls (or D3L1 girlz) was founded in Brooklyn in 2013 as a loudspeaker for Orlowski's powerful anti-establishment politics. Combining industrial dancefloor forms with nu-metal, rap and noise, Orlowski and their collaborators released a viciously original run of instinctive and emotional records, culminating in last year's charged "BOSS". But their main focus has always been the live arena, a space where Orlowski is able to command a seething mosh pit and fly the queer freak flag high.

In 2022, Orlowski is working alongside Las Vegas-born DJ and producer Hatechild, a prominent member of Brookln's Melting Point collective. As motivated by fundraising and activism as much as they are hardcore music and rave, Orlowski and Hatechild bring a unique energy to NYC's DIY landscape, turning away from mindless image-led self-promotion in favour of incisive lyrical content and barbed dancefloor weaponry.