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zdjęcie przedstawia Perila


Having worked with Dirty Beaches' Alex Zhang Hungtai, Norwegian sax virtuoso Bendik Giske and Ukrainian singer Yana Pavlova, prolific Russian producer Pavel Milyakov (aka Buttechno) has displayed his musical flexibility and collaborative skill plenty of times already. At this year's Unsound, he's set to find common ground with fellow Russian experimental luminary Alexandra Zakharenko (aka perila).

Since her 2019 debut album "Irer Dent", released on Manchester-based ambient imprint Sferic, perila has gone from strength to strength, collaborating with Ulla on the hushed "Blue Heater" and probing the sensual side of musique concrète on last year's revelatory "How much time it is between you and me?". Based in Berlin, perila is the founder of WET (Weird Erotic Tension), an online community that produces podcasts that brush through concepts of "sonic sexuality" through spoken word, field recordings and experimental soundscapes.

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