Ursula Sereghy
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Ursula Sereghy

When she was growing up, Czech producer Ursula Sereghy wasn't allowed to listen to music or practice instruments at home for fear of upsetting her mum - cursed with perfect pitch, a dissonant note sounded like nails on a chalkboard. But as a young teen Sereghy rebelled, borrowing a saxophone from a friend and teaching herself how to overcome its complexity and embrace the freedom of jazz. She went on to perform with various bands and became fascinated with experimental music, learning about sound design and electronic styles at Prague's Synth Library, an educational platform and workshop series.

Sereghy's debut album "OK Box" was developed in deep isolation in the Central Bohemian woods, where she would have to charge her laptop using solar panels and use candles for light. Here she was able to rethink her process completely, unlearning subconscious biases and transforming samples of wind instruments and field recordings into cybernetic drones, scrapes and cavities. It's sound with escapism encoded into its DNA, and challenges the expectations of electro-acoustic music, augmenting intricate production techniques with compositional mischievousness and broad minded, psychedelic free expression.

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