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zdjęcie przedstawia Liquid Architecture

Liquid Architecture

Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for artists working with sound. Liquid Architecture investigates the sounds themselves, but also the ideas communicated about, and the meaning of, sound and listening. Liquid Architecture is presenting Machine Listening at Unsound 2020, curated by:

Joel Stern is a curator, researcher, and artist living and working on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne, Australia. Stern is the Artistic Director at Liquid Archi­tecture, and has been responsible for hundreds of festivals, symposia, exhibitions, concerts and publications realised in Australia and internationally, with collaborators ranging from major museums and institutions through to community organisations and artist-led initiatives.

James Parker is the Director of a research program on Law, Sound and the International at the Institute for International Law and the Humanities (IILAH). His research focuses on the relations between law, sound and listening, with emphasis on international criminal law, the law of war and privacy. He has been a visiting fellow at the Program for Science, Technology and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School for Government, a faculty member at the Harvard Law School Institute for Global Law and Policy Workshop, and is an associate curator at Liquid Architecture.

Sean Dockray is an artist and writer whose work explores the politics of technology, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligences and the algorithmic web. He is a founding director of the Los Angeles non-profit Telic Arts Exchange, and initiator of knowledge-sharing platforms, The Public School and AAAARG.ORG. Sean is on the Board of Directors of the Melbourne non-profit arts organisation, West Space.

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