11 Oct | 17:30

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Unsound returns to the illustrious halls of the famous medieval “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Buried deep underground, the ballroom will witness the first ever Polish show by minimalist music legend Terry Riley. The composer of In C and A Rainbow in Curved Air is performing alongside his son, Gyan, who plays guitar. Colombian artist Lucrecia Dalt will perform a spectral electroacoustic show based on her recent record Anticlines, while RRRKRTA will open with ambient music as the audience gradually enters. As it will take a long time to get everyone down, please try to be in Wieliczka as soon as the doors open, or you risk missing the start of the concert. Trains to Wieliczka leave from the Kraków Główny station at 17:03 and 18:04. There will be free buses to take you back to Hotel Forum after the show.

The event is not advisable for anyone suffering from claustrophobia, blood pressure issues or panic attacks. Remember to wear flat, comfortable shoes!

  • Lucrecia Dalt
  • Terry Riley & Gyan Riley
Województwo Małopolskie
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