Opening: A, E, I, O, U, Y
07 Oct | 13:30

free admission

In response to the ideas of Presence theme as well as Ephemera’s Foris installation and the abandoned space at ul. Kamienna 12, Mirosław Bałka recreates his archival sound piece a, e, i, o, u. The work consists of field recordings of dogs barking and howling recorded at Celestynów Dog Shelter, located in a forest near Warsaw. The multi-channel installation has been adapted to the 19th century corridors of the former army basements, where the horses of the Galician army were stabled. Bałka’s body of work – mainly sculptures and installations, as well as film and sound works – explore memory, the human condition, presence, absence. Bałka’s sculpture engage all senses, introducing scent, sound and temperature, referencing taste as well. After opening, the installation will be be open every day of the festival from 13.30 until 18.30.

Studio Vintage / Kamienna 12
Kamienna 12, Kraków, Poland